Monday Lyrics – Imagine Dragons

Monday” is the fourth single from Mercury – Act 1 and also serves as the fourth track from Imagine Dragons' fifth album. The song is an upbeat profession of love, celebrating frontman Dan Reynolds' ten-year-long partnership with his wife.
Song Name : Monday
Album / Movie : Mercury – Acts 1 & 2
Singer : Imagine Dragons
Music Label : Kidinakorner and Interscope Records
Cast : Imagine Dragons

When you’re down on your luckI take the reigns, baby, turn it upWhen you’re faced to the floorI turn the dial, turn it up, moreI’m there for youWill you be there for me, too? Ooh
I believe (I believe) in a god (in a god)I’m pound-for-pound, baby, turn it onA million calls will never be, I never get enough of youI never get enough of you
You are my Monday, you’re the best day of the weekSo underrated and a brand new startDon’t care what all the kids sayYou’ve got the key to my heartOoh
When you call (when you call) on the phone (on the phone)I never let you hear the dial toneI believe (I believe) in your touch (in your touch)I know I can be a little muchI’m there for youWill you be there for me too? Ooh
You are my Monday (you are my Monday)You’re the best day of the week (best day of the week)So underrated (so underrated)And a brand new start (brand new start)Don’t care what all the kids sayYou’ve got the key to my heartOoh
You can be the one that I’ve been waiting all my life forYou could be the key to lead me up into the highest rungGive me loving, keep me going ’til the midnight hourBring me up, lift me up to your rainbow topYour rainbow top
My Monday, do-do-doDo-do-do, do-do-doMonday, my, my MondayMy MondayMy Monday, do-do-doDo-do-do, do-do-do

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